DJ Sylert - Elektrokution (1 hour set) ***FREE DOWNLOAD*** by Sylert
DJ Sylert vs. Adele - Rolling In The Deep (Dutch Bootleg) ***FREE DOWNLOAD*** by Sylert
Chris Brown vs. Quintino - Yeah 3x (Sylert Dutch Bootleg) by Sylert
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SPINNING THE BEST OF HIP HOP/REGGAE/MASHUPS & HOUSE! DJ Sylert (Ryan Kerz) was born in Ny on July 28th 1983. Starting at a young age his love for music developed. As a drummer at the age of 9 he soon developed a knack for creating unique beats. At the age of 13, Ryan began his life in the club scene, working mainly as a promoter. Throughout time he worked his way up the ranks and became well known as simply Ryan K. This name has stuck with him since until recently he developed the name Sylert.
Around 17, Sylert began experimenting with music and creating random mash-ups of songs. He then realized his talent for music production and continued his journey into music. Not equipped with the money or tools necessary Ryan worked off his home PC creating mind blowing compilations that would put even a professional studio to shame. Starting with hardstyle music, Sylert has recently moved on to a more Electro feel. His dj career only just started recently but his goals are still large, one day aspiring to travel the globe spinning as much as possible. He has found his niche and will continue djing for many years to come. His biggest goal is to become a well known dj in the united states. Not only will you find Sylert in the dj booth or in his studio.
It is very common to see him with a crowd around him dancing to the beat. He is always happy to answer any questions people have about songs and is open minded to all criticism people might have. His name "Sylert" was developed from an anti-depressant medicine with a very similar name. Although not a simple name it is unique and fits Ryans upbeat personality. Never underestimate Dj Sylert when spinning a set, for you never know which style he is going to work with for the night. A great quality he has, is the ability to make any crowd happy. He is not in it for himself, he wants the people to be happy otherwise he won't be. Don't be shy either, Ryan is almost down for anything. He wants to spin for people who love music and know what music is all about.
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